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What Makes This Model So Comprehensive?

  • Be The Go-To Underwriter -The Beast Model And Lessons Have Everything You Need So You Can Become The Go-To Person That Everyone Needs To Underwrite Their Deals Which Means Your Deal Pipeline Will Completely Fill Up
  • ​​Monthly Cash Flows - the Beast Displays Cash Flows In Monthly Increments So You Can Make Assumptions With Surgical Precision Which Means You Can Fine Tune Your Numbers More Than Your Competitors
  • Track Your Profoma In Real Time - The Monthly Cash Flow Make It Easy To Track Your Proforma To Actuals So You Can See Exactly How Your Deal Is Performing In Real Time Which Means You'll Be Able To Adapt Your Business Plan Far In Advance
  • Calculate Vacancy With Precision - The Beast Automatically Calculates The Vacancy From Down Units So You Don't Have To Make a "Ballpark" Estimate Which Means You'll Know How Much Money You Need To Raise In Reserves
  • Create The Most Profitable Structure  - The Investor Distributions Are An Easy To Understand Waterfall Structure So You Can Test An Unlimited Number of Splits Which Means You Can Find The Most Profitable Structure For Both Yourself And Your Investors
  • Easily Split Up The Sponsorship Team's Profits - The Beast Makes It So You Can Fairly Compensate All General Partners Which Makes It Incredibly Easy To Fill Any Missing Pieces On Your Team
  •  Unlimited Financing Scenarios - The Capital Stack and Financing Features Allow You To Fund Your Deals With A Countless Number of Debt & Equity Scenarios So You Find The One Scenario That Makes The Deal Work Which Means You'll Find The Diamonds In The Rough

Listen To What Others Have To Say About The Beast Analyzer

"Overall John's Analyzer is much more granular than other Analyzer's...and that's really important especially when you're taking investor capital"

- Candace Pilgrim, Managing Partner at Apollo Capital
"You need to go into battle with a plan, great weapons, and a map. The Beast is my map"

 - Tim Yusubov, Managing Partner at Elite Capital
If you're serious about Multifamily and need accurate and very detailed analysis software do yourself a favor and check out [The Beast] 

- Loren Jacobs

Having a powerful deal calculator is of utmost importance...In my opinion John Stoeber and his team have done a  wonderful job in terms of creating ...the most comprehensive calculator out there

-Hemal Badiani

What you'll get with the Beast Bundle today:
  •  All three levels of the Model (worth $997)
  • ​ 60 Minutes of Training Videos (worth $147)
  • ​Hard Copy Of "How To Analyze a Big Apartment Building and Make It Feel Small" (worth $14.99 on Amazon)
  • ​PDF Instruction Manual (worth $9.97)
  • ​Two Video Case Studies of Real Deals (worth $197)
  • ​Annotated Excel Models of The Video Case Studies(worth $47)
  • ​Summary Deal Package Sheet for Investors(worth $38)
  • ​​Free Upgrades to All The Models ($97)
  • ​60 Day Money Back Guarantee
That's $1,544.94 Of Incredible Upgrades For Just $327 $169 For A Limited Time!
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